Our Pastors

Russell & June McGraw

Both born in Baton Rouge, Russell and June were high school sweethearts. Life was always an adventure, but not always easy. Thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives and marriage, the adventure became a happily ever after story. Russell and June are the parents of three daughters, have three awesome sons-in-law and are the grandparents of twelve amazing grandchildren. It is truly a blessing to see the family all serving God and being used in ministry.

At the age of 30 Russell sold his house and business interest to enter the ministry. Having a desire to further his education, he then attended Ministers' Training Institute. Meanwhile, June was involved with their girls and teaching school at their Christian school.

Over the years, Russell and June have endeavored to let their lives actively reflect the love of Jesus. Currently, they are sponsoring a Compassion International child, and June volunteers in a local public school and often hosts Bible studies for women in their home.

The absolute greatest desire of their hearts is to experience God’s presence and to see it manifested in their lives and church, building the Kingdom and letting His love for all men be seen through them.


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